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Raise The Dead community

A zombie experimentation game

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Recent updates

VERSION 0.0.15
---VERSION 0.0.15--- -Created enemy spawners, some enemies only respawn after 12 mins(12 hours in game time) -Fixed crop spawners -Enemy kill count shown -Many...
1 file — 0.0.15
Version 0.0.14
-Freeplay and Toybox modes are now different game types -Basic Tutorial Mode -Research 10 of any item to make it available in the shop -Correct images show in r...
1 file — 0.0.14
VERSION 0.0.13
-Wild crops can regrow after 12 mins (50% chance) -Ores can respawn after 12 mins (50% chance) -Colliders added to Emerald Island -New effect when zombie captur...
1 file — 0.0.13
VERSION 0.0.12b
-Fixed few bugs with the synthesizer -Implemented item storage
1 file — 0.0.12b
VERSION 0.0.12
---VERSION 0.0.12--- -Can pick up potions after they are thrown -Market model added -Can place extractors on any cell -Color wheel in pause menu to change lab c...
1 file — 0.0.12
Raise The Dead 0.0.11a
New fixes and introduction to the Extractor.
1 file — 0.0.11a
A zombie experimentation game
VERSION 0.0.11
-New UI Changes -Lots of small fixes and improvements -Basic implementation of upgrades -Unified UI hub (access by pressing 'Tab') -Potion effects have sounds -...
1 file — 0.0.11
Raise The Dead 0.0.8
-Fixes to enemy ragdolls -Bugfixes Small update
1 file — 0.0.8
A zombie experimentation game